S5700-BAT's support for batteries

S5700-BAT's support for batteries is as follows:
An S5700-LI-BAT series switch has a built-in AC power supply unit and can use a pluggable power module or battery for power redundancy.
1. If a battery is configured, the battery can automatically supply power to the switch in cased of a mains power outage, ensuring uninterrupted services. When the AC power supply recovers, the battery automatically turns to the charging state.
The S5700-LI-BAT switch supports the following batteries and battery charger module:
- BAT-4AHA (chargeable lithium battery)
- BAT-8AHA (chargeable lithium battery)
- PBB-12AHA (12 AH lead-acid battery charger module connected to an external lead-acid battery with 12 AH of rated capacity)
2. If a power module is configured, the power module can function as a backup of the built-in power supply unit to improve power reliability.
The S5700-LI-BAT switch supports the following power modules:
- 150 W AC power module
- 150 W DC power module
To query a switch's support for batteries, see Hardware Query Tool.

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