Power supply indicator on S series switches

The following describes power supply indicators on S series switches:

1. Indicators on the switch panel:
Off: No power module is detected, or the power module is working abnormally when no other power module is installed on the switch.
Steady green: The power supply is supplying power normally.
Steady red: The power supply is faulty. Possible causes are as follows:
- If two power modules are installed, a power module is available but its power switch is in the OFF position.
- The power module is not connected to the power source.
- The system power and PoE power are faulty.
Steady yellow: The power supply is abnormal.
- If a single power module is installed, the PoE power is abnormal.
- If two power modules are installed, the system power or PoE power is abnormal.
- If the switch is powered by a backup power module, the power module is faulty.
2. Indicators of power modules:
Off: No input current or output current is detected.
Steady green: The power input or output is normal.
Steady red: Input undervoltage, input overvoltage, output overvoltage, output current limiting, output short-circuit, overtemperature protection, or no power output
Steady red: An unrecoverable fault occurs on the power module.
Steady yellow: The power module stops supplying power, or overtemperature, input overvoltage, input undervoltage, or output overcurrent occurs.
Blinking yellow: Communication between the power module and the monitoring module (MPU or CMU) is interrupted.
Steady on: The input power of the power module is in the normal range.

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