How is PoE of an S series switch compatible with non-standard PDs

PoE of an S series switch is compatible with non-standard PDs as follows:

When a non-standard PD is connected to a switch, the switch cannot detect proper resistance and identify the PD.
1. You can enable the compatibility check function so that the switch can detect PDs that do not comply with 802.3af or 802.3at standard and provide power to these non-standard PDs.
- Run the poe legacy enable command in the interface view to enable a switch to check compatibility of the non-standard PDs.
2. If a PD supporting 48 V PoE cannot be powered on, you can run the poe force-power command in the interface view to forcibly power on the PD.
3. Some non-standard PDs support low current in compliance with 802.3af, but not high current in compliance with 802.3at.
- Run the poe af-inrush enable command in the system view to modify the PoE power supply mode to low current in compliance with 802.3af.
- After the configuration, remove and then reinstall the non-standard PD so that the PD can be powered on normally.
- The configuration takes effect on the switch or some slots, which may affect 802.3at-compliant PDs powered on at high current. Exercise caution when running this command.

For details, see Tell You About PoE.

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