Advantages of stacks of S series fixed switches

Stacking technology provides high network reliability and forwarding performance while simplifying network management. It has the following advantages:
1. High reliability: Member switches in a stack work in redundancy mode. Link redundancy can also be implemented between member switches through inter-device link aggregation.
2. High scalability: You can increase ports, bandwidth, and processing capacity of a stack by simply adding member switches to the stack. Member switches can join or leave the stack without affecting other member switches. New switches automatically synchronize the configuration file and system software version with the master switch.
3. Simpler configuration and management: You can log in to a stack from any member switch to manage and configure all the member switches in the stack. In addition, complicated Layer 2 ring protection protocols or Layer 3 protection switching protocols are not required after switches set up a stack; therefore, the network configuration is much simpler.

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