On S series modular switches, after a switchover in the CSS, why the system MAC address becomes a single MAC address from multiple MAC addresses

After a CSS is configured to use MAC addresses of the master switch, the system synchronizes the MAC addresses and number of MAC addresses to the candidate standby MPU on the master switch and the system standby MPU of the cluster. Then the system standby MPU synchronizes them to the candidate standby MPU on the standby switch. If the master switch has multiple MAC addresses and the standby switch has a single MAC address, the CSS has multiple MAC addresses.
In V200R001, the CSS retains the original cluster MAC address after a switchover, but the number of MAC addresses is equal to the number of MAC addresses on the new master switch. Because the original standby switch has only one MAC address, the CSS has a single MAC address after the switchover. As a result, some services in the CSS may be interrupted or the CSS may be disconnected from the operation terminal or network management system. To prevent this problem, load the latest patch on the V200R001 system software before triggering a switchover. If a switchover has occurred, restart the CSS after loading the patch.
You can run the display css system-mac command to check the CSS MAC address.

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