Lost bandwidth when a CSS cable of the CSS composed of S7700 switches is disconnected

For the CSS composed of switches that use the SRUB, if a link from the active SRUB to the standby SRUB is disconnected, the CSS bandwidth is reduced by 25%.
Protocol packets of the standby switch must be sent to the master switch through the active SRUB. After the link is disconnected, the protocol packets that are forwarded to the master switch from the LPU of the standby switch through the chip cannot reach the active SRUB. The forwarding chip must be isolated to prevent packet loss. The forwarding chip is connected to two CSS links, so the two CSS links are unavailable and the CSS bandwidth is reduced by 25%.
After a CSS is set up, the active SRUB of the master switch is used as the system active SRUB and the active SRUB of the standby switch becomes the system standby SRUB.

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