What are the restrictions when service ports are configured as CSS ports on S series modular switches

The restrictions are as follows:
1. A card port can be added to only one logical CSS port.
2. On the EH1D2X08SED4 and EH1D2X08SED5 for the S9700, ES1D2X08SED4 and ES1D2X08SED5 for the S7700, and LE2D2X08SED4 and LE2D2X08SED5 for the S9300, at most four ports can be configured as CSS physical member ports. The four physical member ports must be the first four ports (numbered 0 to 3) or the last four ports (numbered 4 to 7) on the LPUs.
3. On the EH1D2X16SFC0/EH1D2X40SFC0/EH1D2X32SSC0/EH1D2X16SSC2 for the S9700, ES1D2X16SFC0/ES1D2X40SFC0/ES1D2X32SSC0/ES1D2X16SSC2 for the S7700, and LE0DX16SFC00/LE0DX40SFC00/LE1D2X32SSC0/LE1D2X16SSC2 for the S9300, a group of four ports must be configured as CSS physical member ports together. For example, ports 0 to 3 or ports 4-7 must be configured together, but ports 2 to 5 cannot be configured together.

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