How to split a CSS composed of S series modular switches

Perform the following steps to split the CSS of S series modular switches (two standalone switches are restored):
1. Back up the configuration file.
(1) Run the save command to save the setting.
(2) Run the copy source-filename destination-filename all command to back up the configuration file to the standby switch.
Back up the current configuration file to the storage medium of the standby switch before you split the CSS. You can use the configuration file when you set up a CSS next time.
2. Delete the CSS system MAC address.
(1) Run the system-view command to enter the system view.
(2) Run the undo set css system-mac command to delete the CSS system MAC address.
3. Disable the CSS function.
Run the undo css enable all command to disable the CSS function on two member switches. Two standalone switches are restored after they restart.
4. Restore physical member ports to service ports. (This step is required only in service port clustering.)
Note: To restore a physical member port to a service port on a standalone switch, run the undo interface css-port command.
To restore a physical member port to a service port in a CSS, run the shutdown interface ** command in the logical CSS port view to shut down the physical member port and then run the undo port interface ** enable command.
5. Power off the switches and remove the cluster cables.
You can also remove the cluster cables when the switches are running.

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