Troubleshooting mechanism after a CSS of S series modular switches splits

Troubleshooting mechanism:
All member switches in a CSS use the same IP address and MAC address (CSS system MAC address). Therefore, after the CSS splits, two CSSs may use the same IP address and MAC address. To prevent this situation, a mechanism is required to check for IP address and MAC address collision after a split and run multi-active detection. It is highly recommended on a network where the CSS is established.
MAD handles a multi-active situation in the following way: When detecting two CSS systems (two switches) in Active state, MAD allows only the switch with a higher CSS priority to work. (If the two switches have the same CSS priority, their MAC addresses and CSS IDs are compared in turn.) Then the other switch turns to Recovery state, and all its physical ports except the excluded ones are shut down to prevent the switch from forwarding service packets.
For details about the MAD configuration

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