Does the manufacturing information of an S series switch include the serial number

For S series switches (except the S1700), run the display device manufacture-info command to view the serial number:
[HUAWEI] display device manufacture-info
Slot Sub Serial-number Manu-date
backplane - 2102113306P0AC000005 2010-12-03
2 - 030LKV10AB000005 2010-11-29
5 - 020RRN10BA000206 2011-10-28
8 - 020TNF10B7000040 2011-07-20
9 - 020MMN10BA000052 2011-10-11
11 - 030MQN10AB000028 2010-11-27
12 - 020MUR6TBA600089 2011-10-16
14 - 030MQR10AB000006 2010-11-29
The Serial-number field indicates the serial number of the switch.

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