Configure NDP and NTDP to collect EasyDeploy network topology

Configure topology collection on the S series switch, except S1700 as follows:
1. Configure topology collection on the Commander.
[HUAWEI] ndp enable
[HUAWEI] ntdp enable
[HUAWEI] ntdp timer 5
[HUAWEI] easy-operation
[HUAWEI-easyoperation] topology enable
[HUAWEI-easyoperation] client auto-join enable
[HUAWEI-easyoperation] quit

2. Configure the cluster and cluster management VLAN.
[HUAWEI] cluster enable
[HUAWEI] cluster
[HUAWEI-cluster] mngvlanid 10
By default, the management VLAN of a cluster is VLAN 1. It is recommended that you change the management VLAN using command.
The management VLAN must be the same as the VLAN on the Commander's interface connected to client.

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