Supported ports of the H831PAIB board

The H831PAIB power board provides the following ports to supply power for the service boards, control board, and fan monitoring board through the backplane. It supports battery (lead-acid or Fe-lithium battery) power.

  • 220 V AC/110 V AC input port (standard 3-pin male power socket): used to introduce AC power supply to the H831PAIB AC power board and connect to the AC power cable.

  • BAT-/BAT+ (OT terminal): battery power port, which is used to connect to the battery (lead-acid or Fe-lithium battery) by using the lead-acid or Fe-lithium battery power cable.

  • SENSOR (2-pin terminal): used for lead-acid battery temperature detection or Fe-lithium battery activation. It uses a two-wire cable to connect to the lead-acid battery temperature sensor or the Fe-lithium battery activation port.

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