Function of the license revoke command on an S series switches

icense revoke command on an S series switches is used to make an existing Global Trotter License (GTL) file become invalid and to obtain a license revocation code.

Generally, the GTL file on a switch needs to be upgraded to ensure switch performance in the following situations:
- Add new features.
- Optimize switch performance or functions.
- Fix bugs in the current version.
When the GTL file is activated on the switch but the GTL file expires, you need to apply for a new GTL file, and then upgrade and activate the GTL file. Otherwise, the GTL file becomes invalid upon expiration, causing disabling of service modules and service interruption.
Before upgrading a GTL file, run the license revoke command to revoke the existing GTL file. The system then returns a license revocation code. The license revocation code identifies an invalid GTL file and is essential for requesting a new GTL file.

A license revocation code is a character string generated after you run the license revoke command. The license revocation code determines whether the corresponding license file is invalid. The invalid license file is recorded on the switch and can no longer be activated on the switch.

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