View license status on S series switch

On an S series switch, except S1700, run the following commands to view license information:
Run the display license command to view the license file information.
A switch can have only one activated license file. Run this command to view detailed information about the activated license in the system, including license file name, version, validity period, and configuration.

Run the display license state command to view the license status on the MPU (modular switch) or switch (fixed switch) and number of remaining validity days.
The system supports the following license states:
Normal: The license is in active state.
- Demo: The license is in demo state.
- Trial: The license has expired but still valid during the trial period.
Emergency: The license is in emergency state.
Default: No license file needs to be activated or the license file has expired.
Note: The preceding command displays information only when the switch has activated license file. If the switch does not have an activated license file, no information is displayed.

Run the display license resource usage command to display the usage of the resource items defined in a license file.
Resource usage refers to the percentage of resources used out of resources defined by the license file.

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