License classification on S series switch

Licenses are classified as follows:
Depending on purpose, licenses are classified into commercial (COMM) licenses and non-commercial (DEMO) licenses.
Commercial license
Generally, these licenses are purchased according to contracts, and are permanently valid.

Non-commercial license
These licenses are used for special purposes such as testing and trial, and are strictly controlled.

Depending on authority, licenses are classified into feature licenses and capacity licenses.
Feature license
License-controlled features cannot be used without a license.
An enhanced feature takes effect only after the value-added feature or another enhanced feature it depends on takes effect. Therefore, both the license for the enhanced function and the license for the dependent function must be installed.

Capacity license
These licenses are used to expand dynamic resources on the product. A capacity license takes effect only after the corresponding feature takes effect. If the feature is a license-controlled one, the license for the feature must be loaded before the capacity license.
Customers can choose not to purchase a capacity license and use the default number of resources supported by the product, or purchase one or more licenses to obtain the total number of resources supported by the purchased licenses.

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