Does the S7700&S9700 support hot backup

The S7700&S9700 supports hot backup. When the master main control board fails, the S7700&S9700 automatically switches services to the slave board without interrupting the services. The software versions of the master board and slave board must be the same.
You can also run the slave switchover command to trigger the active/standby switchover manually.
[HUAWEI] slave switchover
Caution!!! Confirm switch slave to master[Y/N]?y
Ensure that data on the master board is backed up to the slave board before you trigger the master/slave switchover. That is, the slave board is in the real-time backup state. If the board is backing up data, you cannot perform switchover. In this case, you can run the display switch state command to view the status of the slave board.
display switch state
Master MPU: Realtime and routine backup.
Slave MPU: Receiving realtime and routine data.

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