The web user level of an S series switch

The web user levels for S series switches (S1700 excluded):

By default, the level of the local user admin is 0, indicating a monitored user.

Only users at level 3 or a higher level have the management rights, called management users. Users at a level lower than level 3 are monitored users. A management user can perform any operations on the web page while a monitored user can only perform ping and tracert operations.

When a monitored user logs in to the web system, he will receive a web message indicating the current user level and the level upgrade method. The method is as follows:

The current user level is monitoring. For device configurations, refer to the following procedures to upgrade rights:

1. Log in to the device using command lines.

2. Enter the system view and the AAA view in sequence to change the user rights.

Run the local-user user-name privilege level level command to change the user rights.

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