How to upload web files to an S series switch

You can upload web files to an S series switch as follows:
Upload web files using FTP:
1. Configure the FTP function and FTP user information on the switch.
[HUAWEI] ftp server enable //Enable the FTP service.
[HUAWEI] aaa
[HUAWEI-aaa] local-user admin1234 password irreversible-cipher Helloworld@6789
[HUAWEI-aaa] local-user admin1234 privilege level 15
[HUAWEI-aaa] local-user admin1234 service-type ftp
[HUAWEI-aaa] local-user admin1234 ftp-directory flash:
[HUAWEI-aaa] quit
[HUAWEI] quit
2. Connect a PC to the switch using FTP. Enter the user name admin1234 and password Helloworld@6789 and set the file transfer mode to binary.
The following example assumes that the PC runs the Windows XP operating system.
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator> ftp //Switch IP address, which can communicate with the PC.
Connected to
220 FTP service ready.
User ( admin1234
331 Password required for admin1234.
230 User logged in.
ftp> binary
200 Type set to I.
3. Upload web files to the switch.
ftp> put web.7z
200 Port command okay.
150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for
226 Transfer complete.
ftp: 76556 byte(s) sent in 3.35 second(s) 560.79Kbyte(s)/sec.
4. View the files and subdirectories in the current directory.
Directory of flash:/
Idx Attr Size(Byte) Date Time FileName
0 -rw- 6,311 Feb 17 2012 14:05:04 backup.cfg
1 -rw- 76,556 Mar 06 2012 17:20:10 web.7z
Load web files:
[Huawei] http server load web.7z //Load web files. If the files have been loaded, skip this step. (Web files have been integrated in to the system software package in new versions and do not need to be loaded.)

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