Introduction to the agile switch

On an agile campus network, an agile switch is a replacement of the traditional switch. Different from a traditional switch, an agile switch has the full programmability by using the programmable Ethernet Network Processor (ENP) developed by Huawei. In addition to functions of a traditional switch, the agile switch has the agile awareness and execution capabilities to perceive users, applications, network quality, faults, and security issues, without compromising the switching capability. An agile switch has two major characters:
- Flexible: The switch has full programmability to implement service customization and meet current and future service requirements of customers.
- Fast: The switch has a high performance and fast response speed. It delivers high bandwidth, large tables, and large buffer, and implements fast service deployment and fault location.
Huawei agile switches include S12700 and S5720-HI series switches.

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