Configure Layer 2 ACLs on S series switches

A Layer 2 ACL with the number ranging from 4000 to 4999 can be configured on an S series switch (except the S1700 switch). A Layer 2 ACL defines rules based on information in Ethernet frame headers of packets, such as source MAC addresses, destination MAC addresses, and Layer 2 protocol types.

For example, create a rule in ACL 4001 to allow the ARP packets with the destination MAC address 0000-0000-0001, source MAC address 0000-0000-0002, and Layer 2 protocol type 0x0806 to pass.
[HUAWEI] acl 4001
[HUAWEI-acl-L2-4001] rule permit destination-mac 0000-0000-0001 source-mac 0000-0000-0002 l2-protocol 0x0806

Create a rule in the Layer 2 ACL deny-vlan10-mac to reject the packets from the MAC addresses ranging from 00e0-fc01-0000 to 00e0-fc01-ffff in VLAN 10.
[HUAWEI] acl name deny-vlan10-mac link
[HUAWEI-acl-L2-deny-vlan10-mac] rule deny vlan-id 10 source-mac 00e0-fc01-0000 ffff-ffff-0000

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