Supported ports of the CCUC board

The CCUC control board supports the following 3 types of ports:

  • Panel ports (on the backplane): CON/ESC (connecting to the 2-in-1 local maintenance and environment monitoring cable), ETH (connecting to the network cable), CLK/TOD (connecting to the clock transfer cable), ALARM (connecting to the environment monitoring cable), and GE (connecting to the network cable).

  • Upstream ports (on a daughter board): When H831UP2A or H831UP2C is configured, ports 0 (SFP) and 1 (SFP) are available for connecting to optical fibers.

  • Cascade port: Only 1 GE (optical or electric) cascade port is supported. GE (optical or electrical) means:
    Port 0 or 1 provided by the daughter board can be an optical port if it connects to a GE optical module or an electrical port if it connects to a GE electrical module.
    The alternative port can be configured for port 0 provided by the daughter board, and duplexes with the GE electrical port on the front panel.

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