Configure S series switches to send user names without a domain name to the RADIUS server for authentication

For S series switches (except S1700 switches), the format of a user name is user name@domain name. In the user name, @ is the domain name delimiter, which can also be any of the following symbols: \ / : < > | ' %.
By default, a switch does not modify the user name entered by the user in the packets sent to the RADIUS server.
If the RADIUS server does not accept user names with domain names, users who enter user names with domain names fail the RADIUS authentication. To solve the problem, perform the following configuration on the switch to make the switch send user names without domain names to the RADIUS server.
[HUAWEI] radius-server template template1
[HUAWEI-radius-template1] undo radius-server user-name domain-included
Note: You can modify this configuration only when the RADIUS server template is not in use.

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