What are the functions of the domain and global default domain on an S series switch

S series switches (except S1700 switches) manage access users based on domains. Each access user belongs to a domain.
The authentication, authorization, and accounting schemes can be bound to domain views. A switch manages the access users in the same domain in the same manner, for example, using the same authentication, authorization, or accounting scheme.
The domain of an access user is decided by the user name the user entered for login, and the switch authenticates the user according to the domain in the user name. If the user name does not contain a domain name, the device adds the user to the global default domain according to the user access type and authenticates the user based on the configuration of the global default domain.
By default, the global administrative domain is default_admin and the global default domain for common access users is default. You can run the domain domain-name [ admin ] command to modify configurations of the global default domains, but you cannot delete the domains.

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