Modify attributes of interfaces on the S1700-FR or S1700-GFR switch

Modify the attributes an interface on an S1700-FR or S1700-GFR switch as follows:
1. Choose Interface Management > Ethernet Interface and click the Basic Attributes tab.
2. Select an interface from the interface list, click Configure, and configure the interface state, including the auto-negotiation, rate, duplex mode, and traffic control.
3. Configure other parameters of the interface.
4. After completing the configuration, click Apply. To check the interface state that takes effect, access the Basic Attributes page.
a. When configuring an interface to work at a specified rate or in duplex mode, disable the auto-negotiation function of the interface.
b. When interfaces on two connected switches work in auto-negotiation mode, the switches choose the highest performance transmission mode based on capabilities of both interfaces.
c. The rate and duplex mode of GE SFP interfaces are 1000 Mbit/s and full duplex mode, respectively.

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