USG firewall configure SSL VPN WEB proxy

The USG firewall configure the SSL VPN Web proxy
Web proxy supports external network users through the USG access to the Web server resources, to provide users with HTTP-based Web application services. Before the configuration to ensure that the license file has been loaded, the USG can access the internal network resources.
Configuration ideas:
1. Create a virtual gateway in the USG, which can access the Web resources of the intranet through this virtual gateway. The IP address of the virtual gateway is the public network IP.
2. Configure the Web proxy resources so that the external network users can access the WEB service of the internal network through the virtual gateway after logging in to the virtual gateway.
3. Configure the authentication mode as VPNDB and add VPNDB users. VPNDB user name and password is the external network user login virtual gateway need to enter the user name and password.

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