Why does a user automatically log out a while after logging in to the SSL VPN gateway through the web UI

The default session timeout time of the SSL VPN gateway is 5 minutes. If a user does not perform any operations within 5 minutes, the user automatically logs out.
You can take the following steps to change the session timeout time:
1.Choose Network > SSL VPN > SSL VPN.
2.Click the Gateway Configuration tab.
3.In Session Timeout, enter a value you want to set.
The session timeout time, also called the aging time, is the time when a user connection is terminated because no traffic is transmitted. After the timeout time elapses, the server and client must re-authenticate each other, and the user must re-log in.

To allow users to use the same user account but different IP addresses to log in to the SSL VPN gateway, use the default value of Session Timeout (5 minutes).

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