Manually importing SSL VPN users in batches on the USG6000

The procedure for manually importing users and user groups in batches on the USG6000 is as follows:

1. Prepare a CSV file and upload the CSF file to the memory of the NGFW.
a. The CSV file can be obtained in the following ways:
Export a CSV template from the local NGFW or other NGFWs. Fill in user information in the CSV template based on the required format.
Choose Object > User > Import User > Local Import or Object > User > User/Group > Member Management > Import and download a CSV template.
b Precautions
(1) The file name extension of the CSV file is .csv.
(2) During the import, if the current number of users reaches the maximum value, the import is suspended and imported users are not affected. If an attribute of a user in the CSV file is invalid, this user and subsequent users cannot be imported and imported users are not affected.
(3) After the CSV file is imported successfully, user/group information is imported to the memory. The information is lost after the NGFW restarts. Therefore, save the configuration properly.
(4) In two-node hot backup mode, users imported from a CSV file are not backed up from the primary device to the secondary device. Perform import on both the primary and secondary devices.

2. Run the following commands in the system view:

user-manage user-import csv-file [ auto-create-group | override ]
If the user group to which a user in the CSV file belongs does not exist on the NGFW, the NGFW automatically creates the user group during the import.
If a user in the CSV file already exists on the NGFW, you can enable the NGFW to automatically update the attributes of this user based on the CSV file.

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