SSL VPN virtual gateway on the USG

Configure SSL parameters.
Configure the SSL version supported by the USG, encryption suite, session timeout duration, and life cycle. You can retain the default values.

v-gateway v-gateway-name //Access the virtual gateway view.
basic, //Access the basic virtual gateway view.
ssl version { sslv30+tlsv10 | tlsv10 }
//Configure the SSL version supported by the USG. By default, the USG supports SSL3.9 and TLS1.0.
ssl ciphersuit { allciphersuit | custom { aes256-sha | non-aes256-sha } { des-cbc3-sha | non-des-cbc3-sha } { rc4-sha | non-rc4-sha } { rc4-md5 | non-rc4-md5 } { aes128-sha | non-aes128-sha } { des-cbc-sha | non-des-cbc-sha } }
//Configure the SSL encryption suite.
ssl timeout time //Configure the SSL session timeout duration.
ssl lifecycle { time | no-time-limit } //Configure the SSL life cycle.
ssl session-reuse enable //Enable the SSL session reuse function.
Follow-up processing
display ssl //View SSL configuration.

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