Reference standards and protocols of the GPON feature

The following standards are included:

ITU-T G.984.1: defines basic GPON characteristics and protection modes.
ITU-T G.984.2: defines physical media dependent (PMD) layer specifications. The standard describes GPON physical parameters, such as various optical module physical parameters, like Tx optical power, Rx sensitivity, and overload optical power. It also defines different optical budget levels, such as the widely used class B+ level.
ITU-T G.984.3: defines the GPON transmission and convergence protocol, including upstream and downstream frame structures and basic GPON working principles.
ITU-T G.984.4: defines GPON management and maintenance protocols, including operation, administration, and maintenance (OAM), physical layer OAM (PLOAM), and optical network terminal management and control interface (OMCI).
ITU-T G.984.5: defines the GPON wavelength planning and those wavelengths reserved for next-generation GPON.
ITU-T G.984.6: defines several long reach PON solutions which extend GPON reach.
ITU-T G.988: defines OMCI specifications.
TR-156: uses GPON access in the context of TR-101.

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