Configuring the pre-shared IPSec key on the firewall

You can configure the IPSec pre-shared key on the USG as follows:
Run the pre-shared command in the IKE peer view to configure the pre-shared key or run the undo pre-shared-key command to cancel the pre-shared key.
Requirements: The pre-shared key is a string of 1-128 characters.It supports special characters(such as !,@ ,#,$,and %)instead of spaces.It is case-sensitive.The system converts the character string as cipher-text key,saved in the configuration file.Authentication keys on both ends of a security connection must be consistent.
Configuration example:
#Set the authentication key of IKE peer1 to Test!123.
system-view //Enter the system view.
[sysname] ike peer peer1 //Enter the IKE peer view.
[sysname-ike-peer-peer1] pre-shared-key Test!123 //Set the pre-shared key.

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