Configuring user-based traffic control on the USG6000 series

User-based traffic policies can be configured on the USG6000 series if users are authenticated on the device. If users are authenticated on other devices, user- or account-based traffic control cannot be implemented. The configuration procedure is as follows:
1. Configure a traffic profile and specify the bandwidth resources available for users.
[sysname] traffic-policy
[sysname-policy-traffic] profile traffic_profile
[sysname-policy-traffic-profile-traffic_profile] bandwidth maximum-bandwidth whole upstream 2000
2. Configure a traffic policy and enable the traffic policy to reference the configured traffic profile.
[sysname-policy-traffic] rule name traffic_rule
[sysname-policy-traffic-rule-traffic_rule] source-zone trust
[sysname-policy-traffic-rule-traffic_rule] destination-zone untrust
[sysname-policy-traffic-rule-traffic_rule] user username user1
[sysname-policy-traffic-rule-traffic_rule] action qos profile traffic_profile

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