Problem and solution when a firewall cannot be added to the NMS

To solve the problem that a firewall cannot be added to the NMS (NMS workstation), perform the following steps:
1. Check whether the SNMP settings on the firewall are correct. For example, check whether the SNMP version matches the NMS.
2. Check whether the NMS is reachable to the firewall.
3. Check whether access management in SNMP mode is enabled on the interface connecting the firewall to the NMS. That is, you need to run the service-manage snmp enable command on the interface to allow the peer device to access the firewall in SNMP mode.
By default, the SNMP permission of the interface is disabled. In this case, even if the security policy for the interzone between the zone where the interface resides and the Local zone is enabled, you cannot access the device through the interface. This is because that the service-manage function has a higher priority than the security policy.
For details, see USG6350 can't add to the NMS server.

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