The USG2000 & 5000 connect with the vsm lite network management server

USG2000 & 5000 and vsm lite network management server connect method are as follows:

1. Configure the interface address, route, and security zone of the USG so that the USG and the VSM can communicate with each other.
2. Configure the SNMP protocol parameters and Trap alarm function of the USG so that the alarms generated by the USG can be sent to the VSM network.
3. Configure the USG's Telnet protocol parameters to be consistent with the VSM network management so that the USG can be successfully added to the VSM network.
4. Configure the VSM SNMP protocol parameters and Telnet protocol parameters. Because the default SNMP protocol template can meet the requirements, you need to configure the Telnet protocol template in the NMS and add the USG to the VSM through the configured Telnet protocol template.
5. Add the USG to the VSM mainframe topology. Immediately after the synchronization operation, so that VSM can get the latest USG data.

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