Query of IPS logs on the USG6000 series

By checking threat logs, you can view detection and defense records for network threats such as viruses, learn historical and ongoing threat events, and adjust security policies or implement active defense in a timely manner.
You can view IPS logs only when the current device model supports hard disks and has hard disks installed.
For the USG6000 series, you can view IPS log details on the web UI.
1. Choose Monitor > Log > Threat Log to view threat logs such as IPS logs.
2. Choose Customize and select/deselect conditions for threat log display. The following items can be customized: time, threat type, threat ID, threat name, source zone, destination zone, attacker, target, source address:source port, destination address:destination port, application, protocol, action, security policy, profile, source region, destination region, and virtual system.

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