Connecting the USG6000 series to the log server

The method of connecting the USG2000&5000&6000 to the log server is as follows:
1. Run the system-view command to access the system view.
2. Optional: Run the info-center source { module-name | default } channel { channel-number | channel-name } [ log { state { on | off } | level severity } * ] command to add log information to the information channel.
By default, the information center dispatches the logs destined for a log server to information channel 2. Log output is enabled and the severity of the logs is informational. This command is used only to change the default configuration.
module-name specifies the module that outputs logs, and severity specifies the log severity.
3. Bind an information channel to a log server, so that logs are output to the log server through the information channel.
4. Configure the IP address and other parameters of the log server.
info-center loghost ip-address [ port ] [ module { module-name } &<1-6> ]
info-center loghost ip-address [ port ] [ channel { channel-number | channel-name } | facility local-number | language { chinese | english } ]*
The channel-number or channel-name configured here shall be consistent with that in step 1.
5. Optional: Run the info-center loghost source ip-address command to specify the IP address that sends log information.

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