Setting the SSH password on the USG6000

Login through SSH improves the security of data transmission. Therefore, you are advised to log in through SSH. In addition, you are advised to use AAA for authentication.
1. Set the administrator IP addresses that can access the device remotely. The administrator cannot use IP addresses that are not specified in the ACL to remotely access the device through SSH.
2. Configure connection number limit on the VTY administrator interface.
3. Set the administrator account and password for login through SSH.
[sysname] aaa
[sysname-aaa] manager-user admin1
[sysname-aaa-manager-user-admin1] ssh authentication-type password
[sysname-aaa-manager-user-admin1] password
Enter Password:
Confirm Password:
[sysname-aaa-manager-user-admin1] service-type ssh
[sysname-aaa-manager-user-admin1] level 3
[sysname-aaa-manager-user-admin1] access-limit 1
4. Enable the STelnet service on the device.
5. Set the client service mode of the SSH account to STelnet.

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