Whether the USG2000&5000 support capturing packets

You can enable the packet capture function on the USG2000&5000 as follows:
1. Configure the packet capture queue.

[USG] packet-capture all-packet queue 0 interface GigabitEthernet 0/0/1

2. Enable the packet capture function.

[USG] packet-capture startup manual

3. Save packets in the specified queue as file 1.cap on the device. The default directory is hda1:/.

[USG] packet-capture queue 0 to-file 1.cap

4. Use FTP to download file 1.cap from the device, use the packet capture software to open the file, and analyze the captured packets.

5. Clear the packet capture queue and release the memory.

After confirming that the host has completed receiving the packets, delete all packets from the queue.

reset packet-capture queue 0

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