Modifying the administrator password complexity on the USG2000&5000

The password complexity requirement of the USG2000&5000 cannot be modified.
After the password policy is enabled, only passwords that meet the password complexity requirement can be successfully configured.
Enable or disable the password policy as follows:
- On the web UI, choose System > Admin > Administrators, select or deselect Password Policy, and click Apply.
- An example of enabling or disabling the password policy through the CLI is as follows:
# Enable the password policy.
[sysname-aaa]password-policy mandatory enable

# Disable the password policy.
[sysname-aaa]undo password-policy mandatory enable

By default, the password policy is enabled.
After you disable the function, passwords that do not meet complexity requirements can be configured. However, these passwords bring about security risks and you are advised not to disable this function.

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