Troubleshooting USG6000 series device restart

Roadmap for troubleshooting device restart:
First check whether the screen does not respond to input after you run the commands, such as save. This is a zombie status. You have to wait for a while. Then check whether the hardware environment changes when the fault occurs, for example, the device falls off, the lightening strikes, the power supply voltage is unstable, or the interface card is installed and removed during power-on. Such operations result in device hardware damages. If the device restarts repeatedly, you should first check whether the BootROM or system software is upgraded. The unmatched upgrade version leads to repeated restart. If all the preceding faults are rectified, the system bug may be the cause of the restart.
Troubleshooting procedure:
1. Ensure that you do not perform such operations as entering or saving the configuration, and downloading files.
This is a zombie status. You have to wait for a while and the problem is automatically resolved.
2. You cannot rectify the faults, such as hardware damages or software bugs. Please contact the technical support personnel.

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