Setting of northbound API login for the USG6000

The northbound API provides HTTP and HTTPS modes for login, of which HTTPS is more secure. Therefore, HTTPS is preferred.
1. Enable the HTTPS service of the northbound API (using the default certificate).
[sysname] api
[sysname-api] api https port 8447 enable
2. (Optional) Enable HTTPS (using the specified device certificate).
[sysname] api
[sysname-api] security server-certificate hda1:/server.cer
3. (Optional) Configure SSL and the encryption algorithm.
[sysname] api
[sysname-api] security version TLS 1.2
4. Set the service timeout period.
When the NGFW is configured to interact with the client through a northbound API, set the server timeout time. The default value is 90s.
[sysname] api
[sysname-api] connection aging-time seconds
5. Configure the administrator and API service.
[sysname] aaa
[sysname-aaa] manager-user abc
[sysname-aaa-manager-user-abc] password
Enter Password:
Confirm Password:
[sysname-aaa-manager-user-abc] service-type api
[sysname-aaa-manager-user-abc] level 3

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