Configuring URL categories on the web UI of the USG2000 and USG5000

There are two URL categories: predefined category and user-defined category. Predefined categories are provided and maintained by the security service center, and available only after a license is purchased and activated. User-defined categories are configured and maintained by users and no license is required.
The procedure for configuring a user-defined category is as follows:
1. Configure a URL mode group.
(1) Choose UTM > Object > URL Address Group.
(2) Click Create.
(3) Set relevant parameters, including Name and Description.
(4) Click Apply.
(5) In URL Address List, click Create.
(6) Set relevant parameters, including Matching mode and Content.
(7) Click Apply.
(8) Click Save and Submit in the upper right corner.
2. Configure a URL user-defined category.
(1) Choose UTM > Web Filtering > URL Category.
(2) Click Create.
(3) Set relevant parameters, including Name, Description, and URL object group. You must select a URL object group that has been created and submitted successfully.
The URL object group matches only the non-parameter part of a URL. For example, for the URL, only the part "" is matched.
(4) Click Apply.

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