Whether the USG2000 and USG5000 can switch to the UTM mode

The USG2000 and USG5000 can switch to the UTM mode.

When the software operates in firewall mode, the UTM function is unavailable. When the software operates in UTM mode, all functions are available.
By default, the device operates in firewall mode.
1. Run system-view to access the system view.
2. Run runmode { firewall | utm } to configure the operating mode.
Saving configurations consumes certain system resources, which
will affect the performance of certain services. If configurations are not saved,they will be lost after the system restarts. The system will change its running mode and restart. "Save configurations"? [Y/N]
Enter Y to save the configurations and N not to save the configurations.
Warning: Are you sure to switch the running mode and restart the device? [Y/N]
Enter Y to restart the system and switch the operating mode, and N not to restart the system or switch the operating mode.

After the operating mode is switched, the device needs to be restarted. Therefore, switch the operating mode in off-peak hours.
Before switching the operating mode to UTM, disable the direct fragmented packet forwarding and fragment packet discarding functions. This is because if either of the functions is enabled, fragmented packets are directly forwarded or discarded without UTM detection.
Command for disabling the fragmented packet forwarding function:
undo firewall fragment-forward enable

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