Components in the content security component package on the USG9500

The content security component package contains the following functions:
File blocking
File blocking profile blocks the transmission of specified types of files to prevent downloads of files infected by malware and viruses or uploads of sensitive files to the Internet.

Data filtering
Data filtering prevents sensitive information leaks.

Mail filtering
Mail filtering controls email sending and receiving to prevent spam, anonymous mails, and data leaks.

Application behavior control
Application behavior control implements refined control over HTTP- and FTP-based behavior.

Audit policy
The audit policy and audit profile are used to record the Internet access behavior for future audit and analysis.

URL session logs
URL logging indicates that the device parses the URLs of the accessed websites and then sends these URLs to the log server via session logs.

Proxy policy
The proxy policy is used to decrypt SSL traffic for content security detection and audit.

Smart DNS
Smart DNS is used to provide different server IP addresses for different ISP users so that the ISP users can access intranet services using their own ISP networks. By doing as, smart DNS ensures minimized delay and optimal service experience.

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