Problem and solution when the electrical port of the firewall is down

What if the electrical port of the USG is not Up?

1. Check whether the faulty port is disabled. If yes, run the undo shutdown command to enable the port.
2. Remove the network cable:
-Check whether the gold pin of the interface is bent or deviates.
-Check whether the network cable is disconnected or damaged.
-Check the type of the network cable. A GE electrical port fails to go Up if a network cable lower than category 5 cable is used.
-A GE electrical interface may fail to go Up if some wires among the four wire pairs in the network cable are damaged.
3. Auto-negotiation shall be configured on both ports, and the rates and duplex modes on both ports shall be the same.
4. Incorrect MDI setting:
-The current device can automatically identify straight cables or crossover cables, and MDI is usually not required.

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