Configuring smart DNS for multiple servers through the web UI of the USG6000

Configure smart DNS for multiple servers through the web UI as follows:
1. Choose Network > DNS > Smart DNS.
2. Select Enable of Smart DNS and click Apply.
3. In Smart DNS List, click Add.
4. Select Multi-server when multiple web servers are deployed on the enterprise intranet in Scenario.
5. Enter the description of smart DNS in Description.
6. DNS Reply Address indicates the internet server address sent by the DNS server to users. The value is automatically generated on the basis of ISP Server Public Address in ISP WAN Interface Mapping List.
7. In Traffic Distribution Mode, select Based on ISP egresses, Round Robin, or Weighted Round Robin as required.
8. Click OK.
9. Choose Policy > NAT Policy > Server Mapping.
10. In Server Mapping List, click Add.
11. In New Server Mapping, configure server mapping. The following table lists server mapping parameters.
12. Click OK.
13. Choose Network > Interface and configure sticky load balancing.

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