Configuring DNS proxy through the CLI of the USG2000&5000 series

The USG2000&5000 series can serve as the DNS proxy to forward DNS request and reply packets between the DNS client and DNS server.
After the IPv4 DNS proxy function is enabled and the IP address of the DNS server changes, you only need to change the DNS proxy configurations. Therefore, network management is simplified.
1. Run the system-view command to access the system view.
2. Run the dns proxy enable command to enable the IPv4 DNS proxy function.
The IPv4 DNS proxy function is disabled by default.
3. Run the dns server { ip-address | unnumbered interface interface-type interface-number } command to add the DNS server.
4. Optional: Run the dns host source { interface-type interface-number | ip-address } command to specify the source address of the query packet.

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