USG6000 DHCP typical networking

The USG6000 DHCP adopts the client/server mode. The DHCP client dynamically requests for network configuration information from the DHCP server, and the DHCP server returns the corresponding configuration information (IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway) based on configured strategies.

The typical DHCP network includes the following roles:
?DHCP Client: Device requesting for network parameters such as IP address using the DHCP
?DHCP Server: Device allocating network parameters to the DHCP client and processing address allocation, address lease renewal, and address release requests from the DHCP client or DHCP relay
?(Optional) DHCP Relay: Device forwarding DHCP packets between the DHCP server and the DHCP client, and assisting the DHCP server in dynamically allocating network parameters to the DHCP client

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