DHCP lease period configuration on USG firewalls

You can configure (or modify) the DHCP lease period on the USG2000, USG5000, and USG6000 as follows:
1. Configuration on the web UI:
a. Choose Network > DHCP Server > Service.
b. Complete basic DHCP configurations.
c. Click Advanced. Configure the domain name, address lease period, and WINS server.

d. Click Apply.
2. Configuring on the CLI:
a. Configure the lease period in address pool mode.
[USG] dhcp server ip-pool 2
[USG-dhcp-2] network mask
[USG-dhcp-2] gateway-list
[USG-dhcp-2] expired day 5
[USG-dhcp-2] quit
b. Configure the lease period in interface mode.
[USG]interface Vlanif10
[USG-interface-VLANif10] ip address
[USG-interface-VLANif10] dhcp server expired day 10 hour 12

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