How to view the user's traffic in the USG2000 series?

The USG2000 series can only view online users who have already been authenticated by the device.
1, select "users> Internet users> monitoring".
2. In the Organizational Structure, use one of the following ways to view the information of the online user for the specified user group:
2.1 In the search bar, enter the keyword of the user group to be viewed, click "Query", and select the group of users to be viewed in the query result.
2.2 Expand the Organizational Navigation tree and select the group of users you want to view.
When the user group to be viewed selects the root group (that is, the root group of the organization), the online user list will display all online user information authenticated by the device. When the user group to be viewed is a non-root group, the online user list displays all the online user information for the user group, subgroup, and subgroup of subgroups.

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