Traffic statistics configuration on the USG2000&5000 series

You can configure traffic statistics on the CLI of the USG2000&5000 series:
1. Configure an ACL to define packets to be debugged.
2. Run the firewall statistic acl 3333 enable command in the diagnose view.
[USG-diagnose] firewall statistic acl 3333 enable
3. Run the display firewall statistic acl command in the diagnose view.
[USG-diagnose] display firewall statistic acl
14:33:26 2010/03/27
Current Show sessions count: 1
Protocol(ICMP) SourceIp( DestinationIp(
SourcePort(1) DestinationPort(2048) VpnIndex(public)
Receive Forward Discard
Obverse : 4 pkt(s) 4 pkt(s) 0 pkt(s)
Reverse : 4 pkt(s) 4 pkt(s) 0 pkt(s)

Discard detail information:
Check whether the firewall receives packets, forwards the packets, and receives return packets. If some packets are dropped, determine the packet loss location. View packet discard possible causes to identify the cause.
4. After debugging is complete, disable traffic statistics as soon as possible because long-term traffic statistics affect firewall performance.
5. Run the undo firewall statistic command to disable traffic statistics.
6. Run the reset firewall statistic acl all command to clear statistics.
7. If necessary, run the undo acl xxxx command to delete the configured ACL.

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